Levan Jamelashvili

Digital Designer

My name is Levan. I'm based in St. Petersburg, Russia, but I work with the whole world.

Using the minimalism and aesthetics I help projects and businesses achieve their goals.

The aesthetics of the website has a direct impact on people’s first impression. Visually complex sites are perceived as less beautiful by people.

Clean and aesthetic design immediately inspires confidence in people and users become more loyal to the brand on first visiting.

The purpose of my work

In minimalism functionality always comes first. Every detail works for the final result.

All unnecessary is removed. All that remains is the focus on what's important to your brand.





Business Results

The most important thing for me in my work is to understand the client’s tasks, and offer the most relevant solution.

Minimalism and aesthetics are my tools which I do best with.

All designs have different goals and tasks. Every business or project needs a website to solve their own unique challenges.

Minimalist website design for an architect and interior designer from St. Petersburg, Russia.
UI/UX Design
Berezin Interiors
Minimalistic design for fashion photo agency from Milan, Italy.
UI/UX Design
Aura Photo Agency
Minimalistic design for a modern minimalist architecture bureau from St. Petersburg, Russia.
UI/UX Design
Architecture bureau DA
Minimalistic website for an investment project in the field of innovation from London, UK.
UI/UX Design, Website on CMS
DFG Elements
Minimalist design for an American-Italian luxury footwear brand.
UI/UX Design
Common Project
Minimalist redesign concept for online and print publication that covers the international art world
UI/UX Design
The Art Newspaper

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